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05 June 2016 @ 04:30 pm
i am done with my semester (yay!!) so i'm celebrating by, as the post title suggest, making a shameless post about Nam Woohyun and his solo promotions, because I am who I am. And because Woollim finally decided to do their job and get him on a couple of music related shows (that all aired/happened the week after he stopped promoting???? wtf are they doing smh) where there were a bunch of lovely performances. So this is me being self indulgent and rambling about his performances as well as compiling them for myself.

FIRST OF ALL he did a guest apperance on Immortal Song 2 (first time alone since 2011) in which he sang Kim Jungmin's song Last Promise. I don't really know what to say about the performance, other than that I cried, he cried and he got the highest score an idol has gotten on the show. It's now my favorite performance of his bar none. (What you can't see in the video is that after his performance they film him going off stage, sitting down on a chair and crying. It feels oddly personal and a bit weird to watch it, because the song obviously brought out a lot of feelings in him. He talks about his slump he had last summer for a bit when he gets his score (and sheds a few more tears) and it feels very meaningful and incredibly genuine.)

This is the moment he gets his score.

~more performances under the cut~Collapse )

Oh and before I stop talking (I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT NAM WOOHYUN) here is a lovely short interview he did (his part starts at 35:00), here (warning: omona, but they were nice), here and here are entries about his performance at Dream Concert. Here is a compilation of fanaccounts from one of his fansigns and here and here are magazine interviews.

OKAY I AM DONE NOW I'M SORRY I COULD TALK ABOUT HIM FOREVER. Conclusion: I didn't think Woohyun's solo promotions could make me fall even deeper into the rabbit hole and make me a bigger fan, but they could. /huge sap

eta: oh i might be convinced to be separated with one of my (...four) woohyun albums if there's anyone on my flist who rly wants one.